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Speed up your recovery - > - > - > address the original  cause for the imbalance

This comprehensive  rehabilitation service comprising injury management, clinical exercise physiology, and holographic kinetics is addressing the cause of your complaint while providing you with effective exercise prescriptions for self - management.

Manage your condition with  smart moves.

Smart Moves, Receive Physical Exercise Prescriptions that alleviate pain. Learn to manage your chronic condition with exercise - at its best to alleviate pain and reduce the need for medications.

Myotherapy is based on Sportsmedicine.

Onsen Technique developed by SportsScience International.

Alleviate pain with ingenious physical therapy technique and ignite your zest for life.

Multidimensional Health and Bodywork is looking at the underlying reasons for your condition, situation or mental health status from a spiritual perspective. A holistic approach to imbalances that have manifested in your reality while you were not paying attention.  By understanding the  underlying reason for your condition and situation you can make incredible treatment gains. Multidimensional Health & Bodywork can assist in the reflection by courageously addressing the true issue that has been bothering you.

Consider this:

Stress appears to be the major cause for many unhealthy conditions. 

This may result into a  physical illness or degraded mental health status at the workplace or at home. 

Learn relaxation techniques and smart

strategies for effective work  and life performance.

We can create a win/win situation for you

Effective treatment plans and exercise programs allow for faster recovery. Only a few sessions may get you on the right self empowering track to independent health management.


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Shift your attention in a healthy direction by addressing the physical and energetic cause for your condition or situation.

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