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ENJOY the moment enjoy  your life

Be sure to understand at what intensity and volume you need to train in order to safeguard your health.

Know at what target heart rates you can train safely. 

Exercise Physiologists are specialized in

prescribing the right exercise formula for your condition.

At Multidimensional Health & Bodywork we are 

Assessing your medical history

  • measure you blood pressure and
  • monitor your heart rates
  • conduct a spirometry test (lungcapacity test) and your oxygen absorption.

before you receive your rehabilitation exercise program.

We ensure you are training at the right target heart rate considering your potential arrhythmia (such as atrial fibrillation or tachycardia, etc ) or elevated blood pressure. 

We may conduct a fitness test to check your fitness. That will be translated in a number that is indicating your levels of maximum oxygen absorption VO2max test. This test is the gold standard to measure fitness at this time in science.

Next we keep monitoring your efforts and reactions. Then we show you how you can exercise by yourself with supervision or independently or in a social group setting perhaps.

Take the first step and arrange an appointment with Uta, your local clinical exercise physiologist, and find out how you can take care of your body with fine-tuned exercise for your situation and condition.

Click here to calculate your risk factors for the likelihood of heart attack or stroke.... a pure opportunity to check your health now

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