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Get your life back

Workplace Rehabilitation - FAST TRACK YOUR RECOVERY

Functional Capacity Assessments:

Worksite Assessment

Work hardening programs

Ergonomic Assessments

Proficient Reports for insurers, doctors and employers.

What happens in a comprehensive multidimensional health treatment?

Experience recovery and management your condition.

Expect a detailed treatment plan for your individual condition or situation

according to the results of a thorough assessment

that will guide you to your health goal,

either return to work or achieve a new level of health fitness and mobility of your choosing.

Receive detailed reports about your rehabilitation progress for your insurance, employer, employee, treating doctor, specialists and other stakeholders.

Learn effective stress management techniques that you can apply at work,

at leisure and at home.

Resolve deep underlying emotional and psychological issues with Holographic Kinetics technique founded by Steve Richards who is of Aboriginal Descent.

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