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IMMUNITY and Exercise

Since many thousands of years’ people have known that exercise improves well- being of human beings. It is the oldest type of medicine. In 2017 Clinical Exercise 

Physiology is teaching you how to exercise correctly to prevent health issues down the time track by preventing a worse – case - scenarios. It is almost accepted as normal to the ageing process to develop immobility. Comorbidities are nearly accepted by families. WE can prevent so many more old age diseases. How? Know your health, ask. Learn what to do and what not to do. Assessments in person and guidance via an electronic home program that you can access on your phone or home computer could set the tune for your winter fitness this season.

For example, continuous exercise at 60% of your maximal exercise output keeps your immune-system at a healthy balance. Walsh et al (2011). If you immune-system is functioning properly, you ward of the winter bugs with no problem. If you feel run down and your defences are low, you are prone to infectious diseases. So, if you choose wisely you can keep your immune-system strong at all times.

If you choose to actively strengthening your immunity this winter, try a daily brisk walk of 30 min, a fortnightly sauna (at the AC baths, perhaps), deep breathing and some stretching relative to your health status.

It has been known that exercise facilitates the detoxification process of the body via activation of the lymphatic system. So when you move, muscles are moving the lymph along to excrete your excess toxins mostly via perspiration, breath and urination more readily. Exercise facilitates your immune-system to prevent some cancers. Walsh et al (2011).

If you have concerns over your injuries when exercising, please contact Uta, your AEP in Turangi. We can assess your blood pressure, heart rates, glucose, cholesterol, your heart rhythm with an ECG machine (Electrocardiogram) and your lung capacity to find your prescriptive target heart rates before you challenge your-self to maximum efforts out there.

Also, if you have concerning twinges like niggling back pain or neck pain please let me help you sort them out before going out there to avoid exaggerated drama. Listen to your body and heart. Train at your prescriptive target heart rate, at the correct intensity to get the best out of your workout. Detect any irregularities and act accordingly. Best of health and mobility to you all

Uta Weidemeier

Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Advanced Myo-therapist

& Holographic Kinetics Practitioner



Neil P.Walsh, Michael Gleeson, Roy J. Shephard, Maree Gleeson Jeffrey A.Woods, Nicolette C. Bishop, Monika Fleshner, Charlotte Green7, Bente K. Pedersen, Laurie Hoffman-Goetz, Connie J. Rogers, Hinnak Northoff, Asghar Abbasi, Perikles Simon (2011) Position Statement Immunity Function and Exercise.

PREVENT STROKE! Prevent heart attacks!

We all know the stroke foundations warning signs: FAST

Face ….. Smile? Half face drooping?

Arms …. Raise. One weak? or both arm(s)?

Speech …. Slurred speech, jumbled, unable to speak?

Time … ring 111 quickly, brain may be lost.

TIA or Trans- ischemic Attack is when there is a sign of cramping in the arm, strong headache, and feeling off, perhaps not thinking and not walking straight. That is when an artery is partially blocked in the brain. Stroke is the complete blockage of an artery in the brain.

It is important that you get to the hospital to inject an enzyme that assists in resolving the blocking clot. In the first 3 hours post incident and administering this TPase (the enzyme) you have great success of recovering completely. If you brain is bleeding however, the prognosis is not as good. So read on and see what you can do now to avoid this scenario altogether.

Most clients who suffered stroke report that they were living a stressful, unhealthy lifestyle.

That consisted of a busy schedule, alcohol, sugary and fatty foods and the attitude: “that would not happen to me”. Every person is an individual and symptoms and lifestyle will vary;

So, please listen to your body to avoid harmful and regretful events.

Recent research by Dr. Ahmed Tawakol et al published in February 2017, in the Lancet Journal, confirmed that emotional stress is leading to increased stress hormone production causing arterial inflammation and stiffness.

The Amygdala in the brain is signalling to produce more hormones once the being is threatened by stress and goes into survival mode. As the brain is working faster in threating situations (such as meeting deadlines) it produces extra hormones (cortisol and epinephrine) to speed up the (survival) productivity. Heart rate, blood pressure, white blood cell and cholesterol production increases and you are ready for the perfect storm to happen. Now add anger, extra fatty and sugary foods and the bloodstream is thick with hormones and plaque to form clots.

“In that we understand that people who are working in chronic, stressful situations, are more likely to develop arterial stiffness and thus heart disease compared to the relaxed counterpart”

In this research, scientists gave 293 patients brain and body scans to record their brain, bone marrow and spleen activity and inflammation of their arteries. The patients were then tracked for an average of 3.7 years to see if they developed heart disease. In this time 22 patients had cardiovascular events - including heart attack, angina, heart failure, stroke and peripheral arterial disease.

Rist et al (2017) affirmed in their study that people who are fitter recover much better from stroke compared to those who chose a relatively inactive lifestyle. If you become active now, you would have saved money and time on hospital costs, discomfort and the annoyance in having to ask for help, by keeping your fitness levels up.

In simple terms: Your lifestyle is contributing to the likelihood to experience stroke and heart disease. So what can we do to prevent such stresses?

Arrange your schedule to fit in regular exercise to avoid unrequired hospital stays later on. Avoid stroke, avoid heart attacks by living a healthy lifestyle.

How do you change your lifestyle?

Ask your local exercise physiologist to assess your lifestyle, your situation, and she will suggest realistic healthy corrections. These corrections comprise mental mindfulness, potentially altering your diet, and developing exercise habits that suit your busy schedule.

People who are potentially at risk of developing chronic conditions such as Diabetes and heart disease inclusive stroke, do benefit from deep, regular rest and the correct exercise prescriptions.

Call Uta to arrange an assessment to safeguard your healthy life. She will check your cholesterol, glucose, check your blood pressure, heart rate, heart rhythm with an ECG, perhaps conducts a lung capacity test, and checks your fitness, your mental health, motivates and guides you on the healthy path to live longer happier. Once you have your electronic exercise program on your phone or desktop, you may choose to join a group or perhaps train by yourself. It is your life, your health, please care for it.

Turangi has no hospital but you can become active with your personal safety guidelines to avoid hospitals.

Multidimensional Health & Bodywork

Port Macquarie 0061 484 294 591

Uta Weidemeier, AEP/AES RCEPNZ

is a knowledgeable

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Extract from the new book written and copyrighted by Uta Weidemeier:



This book compiles existent written evidence combined with observed facts and reports from clients who benefited from the realization of the practitioner. Incredible facts, comprehension of energy flow that affects ones perception and understanding of higher energetic laws. Effective energetic self - defense, while identifying the cause for imbalances and contributing to evidence base for cause of illnesses in my reality is supported by written scripts for humanity.

Do you understand why you are well or unwell? Do you know how get well? 

The complete understanding of medicine, comprising all arms of medicine, mental health, physical health, psychic health and the metaphysical health will assist people in future generations to an improved health status.


From 1450 to 1750 Central Europe, namely Switzerland eradicated witches by burning them at the stake with the aim to introduce fear and suppression to gain power of the people and steering them away from the truth. Witches were known to have access to powerful medicine that also could present a threat to their throne. (Newman, 2015). Great Britain forbid witch-hunting by the Witchcraft Act of 1735. Germany punished witches up until the end of the 18th century. Africa, i.e. Sub Saharan Africa and Papua New Guinea are still hunting and Saudi Arabia and Cameron has still legislation against witches in the present day. More recently, 2100 murders were reported in India between 2000 and 2012 due to witch like behavior of women. ( Under the order of the English monarchs many thousands of millions of people were killed with the intent to produce a hierarchy to their advantage. Today these hierarchical leaders, Kings and the Queens are still living and nourishing themselves of peoples’ taxes. Royals terrorized people in Great Britain, all over Europe, and as far reaching as todays Americas, Australia, even in India, they were killing millions of innocent people. The remanence are todays' English speaking people in Australia, New Zealand, America, India, South Africa – the established colonies in across various continents. They were pushing their (catholic) religion and jurisdictional law onto the people, stopping them from speaking their own native language and terrorized them. 


On December 14, 2015 the remains of an apparent witch have been found in Italy. She was tortured with the belief that torture before death prevents her spirit from rising. Experts stated after forensic examination that a pale looking girl suffering from anemia was judged to appear like a witch. retrieved on 15.December 2015. retrieved on January 26th, 2016.

Then, it was the belief that the spirit cannot rise when being tortured before death. The trauma that spirit experiences holds it stuck in time and is attracting similar events in their future. For example, the girl was raped just before death, will in the future not have beautiful expansive relationships, because she cannot open to their partner in trust, as she had been tortured and took that trauma into her future life. However, if she is becoming aware of her past lives and traumas, and her present incarnation, she has an opportunity to expand her spirit again, learn, grow, and evolve.

This is an example. We all have individual experiences and responsibilities. Karmic law applies to all of us. Some people and beings are more aware of it than others.

Furthermore, while writing this text, this week Indian village members in Jharkand, East India, accused 5 women of witchcraft and killed them by beating them to death. However these days 21 men aged 45 to 50 have been arrested to be questioned about their behavior. (August 8, 2015), retrieved on Dec 15, 2015), retrieved on 26th of January 2016.

National Crime Records reveal that between the year 2000 to 2012, 2097 killings were pertaining to the creed of witchcraft in India alone.


In the Harz Mountains is common practice to celebrate “Walpurgis - night” annually on the 30th April in Germany. This tradition dates back long time to the Pagan Fest, where the witches were gathering on the Brocken Mountain - the high peak of the mountain range. The Hexentanzplatz (German: witches dancefloor) and the Rosstrappe (German: horseshoe) above the Bode Gorge, an old Saxon Cult Site, in the Harz Mountains are attracting tourists from all over the world.

When you ask people today, who is a witch? They answer: a person who was knowledgeable of the healing arts, herbs and tinctures. The poet Goethe who travelled the Harz Mountains in 1950s’ announced the benevolent intentions of witches publicly.

The question is whether the people inducing the suffering were aware of their own karmic consequences when they were following orders from higher hierarchy. Were they in control of themselves or perhaps run by other forces that caused them to judge and kill potential threatening folk that was wise and living with the laws of the earth and cosmos? What caused them to act? Their own belief system? Or a something they were taught? The sense of confusion for survival is based induction of fear.

        A multidimensional being is aware of their existence in various planes. 

The human has the capacity to be multidimensional, but needs to develop their ability to perceive other dimensions. Universal Law states when a cause is created and it is causing effects that must be realized and then to undo it by conscious creation of antimatter. (Richards, 2000 and Prophet, 2001) In the 6th century BC Anaximander in conjunction with Pythagoras who lived in ancient Greece were indicating the apeiron (infinite), that was thought to be the origin of all and that the limit is only created by the creator. retrieved on 2. February 2016.

The Conscious awakening of the eternal spirit is essential to realize the potential of all of this.

Uta Weidemeier, June 2017 Copyrighted.

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Enjoy your incredible day

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