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The Medicinal Gym

Clinical Exercise Physiology is the study of chemical flow within the body due to exercise. An AEP, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, specialises in exercise prescriptions for people with some sort of ailment, such as chronic conditions or even people who consider themselves elite performers.

Functional Health assessments reveal personal strengths and weaknesses in regards to your health status. The earlier we identify weaknesses the longer you stay active and healthy.

So, regardless of your age, your ability, whether wheel chair bound, slow walking, experience cancer or have been diagnosed with diabetes, or mild to moderate heart condition, such as Hypertension or mild can exercise to improve your health status. What exact exercise is for you, will need to be determined. That is where a consultation with an AEP is due. 

You can ask your GP to refer to Exercise Physiology Services to obtain the expert advise while maybe being eligible for Medicare rebate.

What s so different from a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is qualified to assist the apparent healthy population with getting fitter. When chronic conditions of ill health, such as heart failure, arthritis, respiratory problems, cancer, chronic pain and medications need to be considered, an AEP is the best informed health professional in the medical room who provides you with effective exercise to improve the health status.

What about the Physiotherapist?

A Physiotherapist is trained to assist you in hospital situations to get you moving out of the hospital room. After that you tend to be on your own. Perhaps a physio in the community can assist as well, but the Clinical Exercise Physiologist is equipped with ECG (measuring heart rhythms), Spirometry (measuring you lungcapacities), cholesterol check, blood glucose check and other equipment to guide your healthy recovery while working in liaison with your doctor. 

Exercise testing provides you with insights of your overall performance capacity;

Professional Exercise Prescriptions teach you how self manage with safe exercise in your daily life. Once that is achieved you prevent and reduce the occurrence of another disabling episode - you independently self manage.

Clinical Exercise Physiology is a relatively new health care profession, but essential to prevent chronic conditions in future generations. Australia is the forerunner in including Clinical Exercise Physiology offering monetary rebates via the Medicare System.

Movement is the one of the oldest known medicines. However in our chaotic world in 2019 people tend to forget to exercise - they are often more focused on money and their electronic device and wonder why they become unwell.

There is always a cause and always a way to prevent many injuries.

Comprehensive assessments allow for an educational component that you can take home for life.

Exercise for Health offers lifestyle modification programs to assist anyone needing to get into your healthy lifestyle.

The clinical exercise physiologist is trained to design your health program for your healthy future .

GROUP support

For group support you may like to join the Medicinal Gym to enjoy exercise supervision until you are good to exercise by yourself.

6 - 12 weeks programs are available, please inquire.

Why would you need a Clinical Exercise Physiologist?

If you are not feeling well, want to change your lifestyle to a healthier choices, ie food, and become more active and mobile but are unsure where to start, wonder if it is safe to exercise with your condition?

That s when an Exercise Physiologist can assist you getting started until you self manage your new lifestyle and exercise program.

Lifestyle modification comprises finding the right time , the right amount of the correct exercise and adopting healthy habits while experiencing positive change with guidance to safe exercise considering your medication for your condition.

I have specialist knowledge and liase with your GP or specialist to design the correct rewarding exercise program for you. 

Reasons why you should seek guidance before exercising:

  • Feeling out of touch with your body after extensive surgeries or long term illness
  • Medications are affecting your fitness
  • You never had considered exercise to be medicine
  • You have Diabetes, a cardiac condition of some other injury that may limit what you would like to do
  • A chronic condition and feeling unsure how exercise would benefit you
  • If you are unsure at what intensities you should practise to get the best reward for your exercise

Who qualifies as an Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist (AEP)?

  An allied health care professional:

who trained a minimum of 4 years at university

who is trained in physical and psychological components of health and exercise prescription.

who has specialised knowledge for chronic and complex care,

who is skilled in prevention and risk factor identification and modification,

who is providing evidence based health advice

who educates you with the aim to increase your understanding of your injury and prevent re-occurrence.

who encourages self management and promotes community activity

and is registered with ESSA (Exercise Science & Sport Australia).          

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